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CNC High Speed Wire Cut EDM
CNC Medium Speed Wire Cut EDM
High columns±15°~±30
Tank Control System
Vertical Control System
Hole EDM Machine
EDM Machine

※ About us ※

  Specializing in linear cutting production over 20 years of experience

  Products export in batch,accounting for more than 30% of total sales

  CNC High Speed Wire Cut EDM:DK7732、DK7740、DK7750、DK7763、DK7780、DK77100、DK77120  

   CNC Medium Speed Wire Cut EDM: DK7732T、DK7740T、DK7750T

  Product features: good stability、low maintenance、cost-effective as well as long machine life

  Corporate culture:teamwork and the pursuit of perfect unity in quality and effciency

  After-sales service :professional installation and testing,the warranty period of one year (except easily damaged parts),lifelong
             maintenance (the cost collected),to repair within 48 hours after reaching users'scene

  Operational training :Hands-on Operational Training,time limit within 48 hours,also free training in our company at

  any time by professional engineers

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